Sunday, July 4, 2010

Family Day at Nampa

After playing with the family last Saturday, and reflecting on the fun we had, I realized that this was what the game was designed to do; Let all age groups in the family come together and enjoy.

RV'ers picked up the game and made it what it is today. So the game sorta morphed away from an all family game, a game where all age groups in a family could participate and just have fun.

Because my grandchildren had such a great time (that is all they have been talking about)I decided to make Saturday the Family game day in Nampa. Bring your family, children, grand children and young friends out each Saturday at 9:00 am on the courts behind the Nampa Rec Center parking lot. We have two full courts available, and there is no charge. Been thinking of some way to keep those kids busy? Here it is! See you then, Jan

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