Friday, July 9, 2010

Guess who's coming to town?

I heard it from Carson, so it has to be true. A woman that I have admired for the last three or four years is coming to our town Boise for the Idaho Senior Games. She is arguably one of the best women pickle players on the circuit. I am not so sure I should limit that statement to "women". She can hold her own with the best of us of the male gender. Her name is Pat Carroll, she hails from San Diego, CA, where I am told. she holds court with her entourage. I first watched her play in the Palm Desert games when she showed up with an enthusiastic group of women players. I needed a mixed doubles partner and was handed one of her band. When we were playing, I never had a cheering section before (or since), but her girls were lined up cheering on my partner. I think I was smitten from that day on. When you meet her, you will understand my admiration. Here is a woman who not only plays well, but plays the crowd well too. Mark my words, you will be impressed! Now, lucky Carson is her partner for the mixed doubles, but as he told me on the court today, she wont allow him to play poorly, and I believe him! Just wish she were a few years older and could be my partner. ~ Jan

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