Thursday, August 5, 2010

RV Paking for the Boise Senior Games

For those players who will travel to Boise in their RV's, There is a good selection. The Elks have dry camping only located on Fairview Ave. (a busy street) - 208 377 2763. On the River Rv. 6800 Glenwood (15 to 20 minutes to downtown or the courts)208 375 7432. Mt. View RV ( this is the one by the freeway) 2040 Airport Way 208 345 4141. Elm Grove Mobile Home Park on Fairview Ave. 208 888 6668, Hi Valley RV 10555 Horseshoe Bend Road 208 939 8080, This one is a little way out of town, up on a hill. Been by it and it is a nice park. Not as far away as the next RV park in Meridian (We talked about players last year staying here), about 10 miles from town, a nice park, open without too many trees. Quick freeway access to the courts and to Boise. This is Boise Meridian RV 184 W. Pennwood, 208 888 7003.

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