Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Idaho Senior Games

The time to plan our Idaho senior Games is now. In the planning stages, we have our games advertised on the usapa web, with sanctioning pending. What it means to be sanctioned is simply the members of the USAPA can earn points when they medal in our games. It also provides liability insurance to cover all who play. Of course the YMCA (sponsors of the games) also insure us.

Now we need the volunteers to help with the games. We need score keepers, referees, court keepers, including taping of the courts and adjusting nets to proper heights, and sweeping down of same. We meed coordinators to work within the YMCA network to provide water, food stuff, photography, and what ever. If you wish to volunteer, please e-mail me at jnjohnson123@hotmail.com.

We will provide training classes for the score keepers and the refereeing. If you wish to be a supervisor of any of these, please indicate same. Jan

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