Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Idaho Senior Games committees

I wanted all who read this blog to know about the volunteers meeting this coming Monday,July 11th at the Hobble Creek courts. The time will be around 8:30 before the clinic begins. The time was suggested by Dennis Forbes. We will keep it short, setting up times for the training of referees, bracket operations, scheduling and coordinators with the YMCA, and all other jobs. The money for our USAPA sanctioning has been sent in and our sanction will take effect when the money reaches USAPA. One of the areas that has been over looked in the past is having either the Boy Scouts or Girl Scouts contacted to shag balls. This could lead to their community service merit badges and would be a great service to us. Now is the time for our enthusiasm to heighten as we prepare for what could be the best ever pickleball tournament in Idaho. Jan

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