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August 24th, 2011
Smokey Mountain Pizza
Meridian, Idaho

Minutes of the meeting regarding formation of a pickleball entity within the Boise, Kuna, Eagle, Meridian, Nampa, Caldwell and Star areas.

Attendance: Seventeen (17) people
Presiding: Nick Leach

Christine Dillon and Kathy Zielinski, sisters, introduced themselves to the group. They are members of Plantation Country Club and helping to bring pickleball to that club and are now a local distributor of PB equipment. They are also full time residents of the Boise area and will be joining our group during the winter for indoor play. They were given a big welcome by our group.

Nick told the group that he and Tami were now Western Idaho Ambassadors and not be considered for officers of the club. They are presently working with Jan Johnson, who has stated his intention to become an ambassador at-large for this area.

In addition, Rodell should not be nominated for an officer position as he is a potential future ambassador at this time.

Nick asked if everyone had read the by-laws he had sent out by email; most of the attendees had read them. He then asked for any suggested changes, none were forthcoming. Nick stated he would send the by-laws out to the group by email for their approval.

Annual Dues: It was determined annual dues would be $12.00 for an individual and $20.00 per couple.

Dennis Forbes’ lessons: The fee for the lessons would be $10.00 per person per season beginning next season.

The executive board was initially set to include two (2) at large; it was changed to zero at large.
A discussion on names for the new “club” ensued. Dennis Forbes gave his main reason for using “Boise” in the name; People from other areas looking for pickleball in Idaho know “Boise”, not Treasure Valley.

The following three names were chosen and will be sent out to the group
for voting to determine which one would be the final name of our new entity.
All ballots must be returned to Nick Leach no later than September 12, 2011.
1. Boise Metro Pickleball Club
2. Greater Boise Pickleball Club
3. Pickleball Club of Boise

Rodell said he had a meeting on September 13th, 2011 with the Meridian Parks and Recreation to talk about Pickleball in Meridian. They have allotted him thirty (30) minutes for his presentation.

Nick stated that the Boise P&R were resurfacing four tennis courts at the Fairmont Park on Northview and that this may, in the future, be an opportunity for more PB courts in one location.

Nominated Officers:
The following persons were nominated for officer positions:

President: Jim Crotty, Perry Whittaker
Vice President: John Sweeney, Jack Bonawitz
Secretary: Rhonda Reed
Treasurer: Reesa Brown

The names will be sent out via email to the group for voting. All ballots must be returned via email to Nick Leach no later than September 12, 2011. All nominated individual may withdraw their names from the nominations.

Fiscal Year of Club:
It was determined the annual dues of $12.00 per individual and $20.00 per couple
would be for the time period of October 1 through September 30. This twelve
month span would be the club’s fiscal year.

Liability Insurance: Dennis Forbes stated that for him to teach there needed to be liability insurance at least for six months of the year.

Website: Dennis Forbes reminded everyone that Jan Johnson has set up an Idaho Pickleball website on the USAPA Website. In addition, Nick stated that we would be working with volunteers (to be determined) so that we could also have a website separate from USAPA, one that would be attainable through a Google or like browser search, not having to go through USAPA website to reach it.

A discussion was held on the ambassadorships of Boise and Meridian. Dennis, Gary and Rodell are working on getting the existing ambassadorships vacated so that new persons may be appointed to the positions.

John Sweeney brought up Meridian youth courts and the new Meridian Senior Center; Rodell said he would find out about both items.

A historian and photographer are still needed for the club.

John Sweeney brought up the Borah Park pickleball courts. It was pointed out that the pickleball courts there are not a definite go at this time.

Dennis Forbes talked about a youth program he wants to have happen next summer. He also told us about his recent teaching of Special Needs Kids, a moving story for all of us.

Homecourt Y for the winter: Nick said there were now two painted courts there, but a problem with the tape is keeping us from having two additional taped courts. We are looking for ideas for borders for our courts, using the portable nets that are not tape.

The next meeting has not been scheduled but will be held sometime between September 15th and September 30th. It will be held at the same place and same time. Reminder notices will be sent out prior to the meeting.

Minutes respectfully submitted by Reesa J. Brow

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