Monday, August 15, 2011


Guess what folks?! Our tournament is over and went off without too many hitches. I have heard many positive remarks about the tourney and heard ( by way of Rodell) only one negative. We had a great time, but found the 12:00 to 2:00pm just a weeeeeeee bit warm. If we hadn’t the slight breeze, it would have really been hot. If we work with the Idaho Senior Games next year, perhaps an earlier time of year would not be as bad as August has been these last four years. We were down in attendance (39 entrants), about half the number last year. It was not just pickleball that was down as I was told, but all events were in that situation. Except for a keystroke omission on my computer, the women’s doubles was the only bracket that was screwed up and cost us a lot of twisting and turning to get players in their proper places. The score keepers did a great job on Saturday, but on Sunday we were caught short. A volunteer from the senior games stepped in and with the help of Sandi Johnson (no relation) of Nampa, they provided a fairly smooth run scheduling. For all of you who helped, my heartfelt gratitude. It simply points out that one or two people cannot do it all. Thanks again. If I tried to honor you all by name, I fear I would leave someone out. Don’t want hurt feelings and besides my fingers are tired of typing. Great Job ! Jan

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