Tuesday, August 16, 2011


There are many times one thinks of those who volunteer and wonder what motivates them. We know that many are motivated by love of a game, or recognition, maybe just wanting to be part of something or just enjoy helping. At the Idaho senior games played here in Boise, we had many volunteers and helpers. None sticks out in my mind more than a young man named Kelton Judy. Kelton came to town with his grandfather Steve Judy. Kelton moved onto the courts with the aplomb of one who has been there many times. He shagged balls all day for both days, even down to the 95 degree afternoons. Rodell Hill came up to me and suggested he should have a gold medal for his help. And that is just what happened. We awarded Kelton the gold for his efforts beyond the call of duty. Now Kelton showed very little emotion during the presentation, but to a grandfather’s eye, the pride of recognized accomplishment started to show. We didn’t see much of our tired volunteer after that, but his grandfather related that he was very proud of his medal, showing it to his cousins in eastern Idaho, and could hardly wait to show it to his siblings at home. How about a “shout out” to Kelton Judy, a volunteer of volunteers!

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