Friday, August 19, 2011


On Aug 18, 2011, at 4:42 PM, "Nick Leach" wrote:

> Fellow Pickleballers,
> In an effort to keep the ball rolling in regards to forming our club
> I think we should set up a meeting as soon as possible. With that
> in mind I have looked into using an area inside the Idaho Pizza
> place (on Fairview in Meridian)for the meeting. They are pretty
> much open as far as days go so it’s up to us. The next two Wednesda
> y evenings (Aug 24 & Aug 31) are available. The only problem is tha
> t they need at least ten-to-twenty people so we will need to know wh
> o is coming, for sure. If either of these dates aren’t right for th
> e majority or you have other suggestions on a place to meet that’s
> fine we just need to pick one. There is a $100 refundable deposit s
> o let’s be sure. I will also look into other venues in the mean tim
> e. Attached are the club’s proposed by-laws for you to review befor
> e the meeting. Other things to keep in mind for the meeting are the
> election of the executive board members and a club name. There are
> many other issues we need to address and we will address them all i
> n due time. So in closing please choose a day, think about officers
> , a club name and review the by-laws. Please RSVP as soon as possib
> le so I can give the picked place a number of attendees. Thanks in
> advance for your time and see you soon.
> Nick Leach

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