Saturday, August 27, 2011


My fellow pickleballers,

Well we had our “first” official pre-club organizational meeting and we think it went great. We had around seventeen pickleballers attend, with all the pizza, salad, and cool drinks you wanted. We nominated executive board members, came up with three proposed club names, with one late entry, and some revisions to the by-laws. Reesa Brown was kind enough to take minutes and we think everyone’s voice was heard. I have attached the minutes of the meeting along with the first by-law revision (with the revisions in red). In addition we discussed some current events, such as Rodell Hill’s pending meeting with the Meridian P&R, the fact that Boise P&R are resurfacing four tennis courts at Fairmont Park on Northview, and that we now have a pickleball equipment supplier in our area. The new “distributors” are Chris Dillon and her sister Kathy Zielinski and they can be reached at 208-639-1663 so give them a call if you’re looking for a paddle, balls, etc. Now to the main point of this email, VOTING. Listed below are the board nominees, the name choices, and whether you approve of the revised by-laws so here goes:


Jim Crotty

Perry Whittaker

Vice President:

John Sweeting (he also expressed an interest in running for the President position so you choose)

Jack Bonawitz


Rhonda Reed


Reesa Brown


Boise Metro Pickleball Club – B.M.P.C

Greater Boise Pickleball Club – G.B.P.C

Pickleball Club of Boise – P.C.B

Boise Area Pickleball Association – B.A.P.A

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