Thursday, August 25, 2011


Good golly miss Molly,
I thought I was in snow bird country! There were maybe 35 or more picklers at the Plantation Country Club courts last Monday evening. I can’t believe it! And it was almost 98 degrees out! What is the matter with these folks? What? Are they losing their minds? Does this man Dennis Forbes have a hypnotic hold on them? Here he is, perspiration beads on his forehead, patiently instructing, correcting, cajoling, and even whistling to get the players attention so he can show them how to do the skill thing. And their loving it! Smiles, grins, chuckles and even an expletive every now and then! Gosh, think I’ll join them! Welcome to the game you who reside at the Plantation. I heard the enthusiast who started all this action is Tony Binder, the country club pro. I think he deserves the enthusiastic shout out for his efforts! Dennis Forbes told me that 28 of those enthusiastic newbies signed that they were interested in our pickle club when it is fully organized. Wow! Think of the fun we are going to have playing with all these different players!

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